Style, Privacy & Individuality with Plantation Shutters

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Decorating your home is a time for which you can be creative and really let your personality shine through. Taking into account room function, style of the house and your personal taste is enjoyable as you get to explore the options and various designs that are available for your home. Here at Interior Fashion we understand how certain features can change the tone of a room all together and simple touches can often create the atmosphere that you were aiming for. Plantation shutters offer many benefits when redecorating your home and are a timeless addition to any window.


There is a huge variety of styles and colours of plantation shutter as we know that everyone has their own individual likes and preferences. When it comes to style, you should first take into consideration the use of the room itself as well as the window that they will be accompanying. You may want to opt for a plain and simple design to go with the minimalist bedroom, or a classic look for a grand dining room.


For ground floor bedrooms and also for bathrooms, privacy can be something high on your list of priorities. For bathrooms you may wish to use plantation shutters to cover the bottom half of your windows so that you are screened from the outside, but still able to see out into the garden and let a large amount of light in. For ground floor rooms it may be full window design that will keep you out of sight from neighbours in close proximity or if you are close to a main road.


Putting your individual stamp on the design can bring together all your choices throughout the room you have been decorating, and help to cement the look. Choosing a colour that is unique or a style that expresses your personality can add an interesting conversation piece to any room and will always be something that you enjoy to look at.

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