Top Tips: Getting Your Conservatory Ready For Spring

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With the harsh cold of winter winging it’s way to the door (or wherever seasons head at the end of their time), the warmer weather is slowly starting to make its way to Britain. Things are still a bit bitter outside right now, but temperatures are gradually making their way towards double figures and spring will be sprung before you know it.

This essential advice will help you get on your way to transforming your conservatory from a gloomy winter wasteland and into something far more vibrant and welcoming for the warmer weather.

Introduce More Plant Life

Just because the temperatures are going up, doesn’t mean that all plants need to be stuck outside and relegated to the garden – adding some simple and easy to look after plants to your conservatory can really make it much more inviting, and provide fantastic smells and perfumes too. African Lilies can be a great choice for the spring and summer months providing beautiful purple/blue flowers at their peak, and elegant green leaves all year round.

Change In Interior Design

Interior design is important in all rooms of your house, but is absolutely vital to make your conservatory somewhere where you and any guests would like to relax this spring. Muted and pastel colours are best used for walls and carpets, such as blues, greens, creams and yellows. Punctuate this with some warmer tones from wooden furniture or with some truly stand out blinds.

Whether you’re after something with the wooden feel, or just something that complements the rest of the room in style and design, then we can help you create the perfect blinds here at Interior Fashion.

If you’re looking forward to the warmer weather, with spring and summer right around the corner, and your conservatory needs a breath of fresh air to make it perfect for the coming seasons then look no further than our services here at Interior Fashion. Providing beautifully handmade conservatory blinds in Buckingham and the surrounding areas, we can help you transform your conservatory ready for spring. Call us today on 01280 848846 to discuss your design ideas and needs with us, and for professional advice and information.

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