Peeking behind the curtain… everything you need to know about: roller blinds

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So the third and final instalment of the blinds debate is here, and we are going to explore the top features and benefits of – roller blinds. We have previously looked into the world of venetian (insert link to blog post here) and roman blinds (insert link to blog post here) and are now going to talk you through why we feel roller blinds can be one of the best options for dressing your window. Some people have mentioned to us at Interior Fashion Ltd that they feel that roller blinds are somewhat simplistic and that other options are more ‘desirable’, however, we feel this is a misconception and we are going to go through the four key reasons why this is not the case.


The first feature of roller blinds is the durability of them thanks to their steel tubes, line operating systems and the high quality and strong fabrics that they are made from. The majority of roller blinds are made from long lasting fabric that will not fade from the sun as they have been treated to resist UV rays.

Aesthetically appealing

One of our favourite features of roller blinds is the design versatility that comes with them, they can be made with a wide range of fabrics including blackout and translucent. The fabric choice also extends to the design itself; roller blinds can come in a multitude of colours and patterns to perfectly accentuate your interior. Finally, they are fitted very closely to the window minimising the amount of excess fabric, giving your window dressing that perfect finish.


Roller blinds are very diverse and not only can they be designed to be aesthetically appealing they can also be designed to be multi-functional. Sunscreen fabrics can help keep out the glare from natural sunlights and also UV rays but still allow light to enter a room. Blackout fabric is perfect if you are looking for darkness or privacy. If you are someone who would want both of these situations in their home, you could install a dual roller blind where you have two blinds installed on the same bracket. Giving you the best of both worlds!!

Easy to use

The final feature that we want to share with you is the ease of operation when using a roller blind. You can choose for a spring assisted operating system, chain driven or motorised system. You can even link up several roller blinds together so that you don’t have to open each one individually. This is a great feature for anyone looking for that final touch to make your window dressing not only beautiful to look at but also simple and effortless to use.

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