Peeking behind the curtain… everything you need to know about: Venetian Blinds

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So the debate continues here in the Interior Fashion workroom about which window dressing is the “best” and as promised we are continuing this discussion, moving from the benefits of Roman blinds  and now onto all things Venetian. The pre-conceptions that Venetian blinds are only suited to the corporate office and made of thin and malleable metal are a thing of the past. Venetian blinds can come in a variety of styles and materials and are the perfect addition to any window dressing whether that be in the office or a home.

So let’s kick things off with some of the top benefits of Venetian blinds…


Light control

Venetian blinds are perfect in controlling the amount of light you wish to enter your home. Controlling the raising or lowering of the blind will allow you to flood your home with or keep out natural light, and the precision of tilting the slats means you can adjust the amount of light entering in small increments. If you are a TV lover or work at a computer screen this feature is great for minimising glare on any screens you may be using without having to block out all of the light and have to sit in the dark!



As with light control Venetian blinds are also great for privacy, providing the perfect resolution to wanting natural light to still enter a room but without people looking in. All you need to do is angle the slats upwards or downwards to give you some coveted privacy. These are ideal for anyone with a room looking onto a road or even for use internally for glass doors to your kitchen or bathroom at home, not to mention they are perfect for offices where you might need privacy for an important meeting or call.


Moisture resistant 

If you are looking for a window dressing for a room that is exposed to humid environments such as a kitchen or bathroom then Venetian blinds are one of the best choices. If you pick a material such as aluminium or faux wood for your blinds they are resist moisture or damp found in these settings and reduces any chance of moisture or mildew build up.


The perfect finish

Our favourite benefit of venetian blinds has to be the versatility in terms of design; you can get venetian blinds in different materials with a selection of finishes. You can get an extensive range of styles from materials including wooden, metal, faux wood and plastic. Customising the colour and finish is simple allowing you to have them tailored to accentuate your room perfectly.

We hope that this has ‘shed some light’ on the benefits of Venetian blinds and how they can be tailored perfectly for any window dressing. The design versatility coupled with the control of light and privacy make them one of our best suggestions for a lot of our clients that we work with. If you would like to find out more about how we can build your perfect Venetians give us a call on 01280 818777.

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