Peeking Behind The Curtain: What You Need To Know About… Roman Blinds

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We have always been asked by many of our clients an array of questions such as “what is the best option for dressing my windows?” and “what would you recommend? Blinds or curtains?” Now, even though these are questions that we simply couldn’t answer, we thought we would give you all you need to know about roman blinds to hopefully help make your next window dressing decision a little easier.

No folds

Roman blinds unlike curtains, fold away without any wrinkles or unwanted folds which not only helps keep you room fresh and clean, they also require less maintenance than venetian blinds or curtains in terms of cleaning and upkeep.


Blackout features

Roman blinds also block out the same amount of light as thermal lined curtains through a blackout lining. They are a hybrid between blinds and curtains so they are perfect for small bedroom windows for example children’s bedrooms to help block out unwanted light that could disturb any sleeping patterns. Don’t thank us just yet there are still other benefits to read about…


Design versatility

Roman blinds are the perfect dressing for windows in any room, whether your home has a clean cut, sleek and modern or a classic and traditional interior. For modern interiors; plain patterns such as stripes or geometric designs are great choices. Coupling these with neutral colours will give your window and interior that beautiful plain and simplistic finish. Traditional interiors are the perfect opportunity to experiment with patterns and vibrant colours. Some of our personal favourite patterns for traditional rooms are: floral, tartan and nautical.


Perfect Fit for your Bay Window

Bay windows can sometimes be difficult to dress effectively, a lot of people choose curtains but lose additional space such as window seats when doing this. Bay windows come in different variations, some three bays and other five, which is why roman blinds are a great choice for these as you can install perfectly fitting window dressings while also reducing any space wastage.

So, as you have read there are several useful features that make roman blinds the perfect choice for window dressings and if you find yourself looking for any of the above they would be the perfect fit. If you have any other questions about roman blinds or would like to speak to one of our experts about what could be designed for your windows give us a call on 01280 848846.

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